FACIAL HILOT 18hours Certificate Course
  • 3 days full certificate course of Facial Hilot, 18 hours

The Original Method with Hilot Therapy School

Price: 109,000 yen including textbook

We proposals opportunity to give you the possibility to knowledge about Hilot and Facial Hilot.

The One and Only technique and tools

Opens your eyes to new chance and to see the greater world

  • Applicant:

A general offer for therapists and beginner

Facial Hilot will provide you with some various possibilities on how to work with this Therapy, as a single treatment or in combination with Hot body treatment.

You will be given amazing Therapy to work with the physical and mental imbalance and condition that can be used for your family and customer.

  • Day 1,

・What is Facial Hilot

・The scheletal and Musucal system

・The function and structure of skin

・Skin type check and counseling

・Make-off Cleansing technique

・Sponge technique

  • Day 2,

・How to use a hot towel

・Facial Hilot massage technique

・Loosent the Facial muscles with a deep pressure

・Approach the capillaries with fine finger movement

・Pressure points to adjust the biological function

・Drain negative waste products with dynamic hand movement

  • Day 3,

・Question and Answer session

・Practice all flows and techniques

・How to Salon work

  Preparation for starting a personal salon/ Hospitality, Counseling/

  Service and treatment flow


  • The course offers theory and manual stimulation methods.
  • Textbook
  • Certificate
  • Application and information

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  • Ritsuko Yamaguchi(Japanease) 080-8911-7207
  • Raquel Nakamura(PH) 090-2008-1220